About us

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, DocuBay is a global, membership VOD streaming service and OTT platform exclusively designed to stream premium international documentary films. Specializing as a niche video service, DocuBay features content from all corners of the globe in a variety of categories and is available on platforms including the App Store, Google Play, Fire TV, and Apple TV, with additional platforms on the way.


Aditya Pittie

Aditya Pittie is the Managing Director of IN10 Media network, the parent company of DocuBay Media Pvt. Ltd. A dynamic entrepreneur, Aditya has a keen eye for opportunities and has fostered many brands to popularity. He encourages a work culture that fuels innovation and success. He is the man behind the successful rebranding of EPIC channel, India’s only Hindi language, India-centric infotainment channel, and one of IN10 Media’s most popular brands.

Trained in Management & Leadership from King's College, London, Aditya is passionate about customer service.

Akul Tripathi

Akul Tripathi is the Chief Operating Officer of DocuBay. An Indian media personality with over 20 years of experience in the business of content creation, curation, and management, Akul has also served as Head of Content and Programming for EPIC Television Networks Pvt. Ltd - an Indian broadcaster acclaimed for showing premium India-centric content.

An impassioned traveler, photographer, and seeker, Akul writes regularly for several print and online publications.